Explore Andøya Space

In the experience center, you’ll find activities suitable for both adults and children interested in space. All tickets except for Escape 42 include access to the experience center. 


Learn more about the northern lights and Norwegian space history! The exhibits provide historical insights into the research at Andøya Space from the first rocket launch in 1962 to the present day. We offer audio guides in Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish so you can easily explore the exhibition at your own pace. 


We screen northern lights films and Andøya Space films in the experience center every day: Learn about the northern lights and northern lights research, and what we do here at Andøya Space! The films are included in the entrance ticket. 

Fun with Rockets

The play rocket Ferdinand is named after the very first rocket launched from Andøya Space. In the experience center, you can also build your own paper rocket: Launch it using the rocket tube and see if you can hit the northern lights! 

Train like an astronaut

A good astronaut must keep both body and mind in shape. Test motor skills and physics on our digital climbing wall, which combines the functions of a climbing wall and a video game! 

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