Birthday celebration

Bursdagsfeiring i Spaceship Aurora


Invite your friends, family or classmates for a fantastic birthday adventure!

Birthday party

We tailor make each party based on the size and age of the group. Maybe the Teddynaut will make an appearance? We offer a paperrocket workshop, competitions in our digital climbing wall, play and games for the youngest and the possibility of travelling to Mars or trying our Escape Room for the oldest, depending on your wishes!


Birthday celebration in the exhibition center including entrance to the exhibition, competition in the climbing wall, play rocket and decorated tables costs from 170 NOK per child. The minimum price is 1700,-per celebration to cover our costs.  

You can choose between the following additions:

  • Journey to Mars (+50 NOK per child)
  • Sausage with bread (+30 NOK per child)
  • Juice For the children and coffee for adults (+15 NOK per child)
  • Birthday present: Teddynaut (249 NOK, 25 % discount on reg. retail price)

A birthday celebration usually takes 2 hours, or a bit longer if the children are travelling to Mars.

Book a birthday celebration

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